about SWP

SWP is based in NYC. SWP is written on an iMac. SWP got started in February 2008 and is an Aquarius in spirit---independent, optimistic, unpredictable, and not too concerned with public opinion. SWP has an imaginary elephant mascot and there are talks of recruiting a cheerleading team of five members, two-legged or four-legged depending on whether dance moves will be involved. SWP is not written by Karen Eiffel or Joan Wilder. SWP is not available for Birthday Parties or Bat Mitzvahs, although Corinna Barsan is more than happy to represent as the “face of.” SWP likes you. SWP will name a star or a tree after you, if you like it back.

Want to drop a line? Just as long as it's sweet. . .
You can reach SWP here: 
shinywhiteblog [at] gmail [dot] com