Up On Friday: The Non-Laborious Labor Day Edition

Getting from Monday to Friday with the right snack foods. This week's Friday Five: revamped friendship bracelets, dream buns, a Godzilla-size goldfish for your kitchen, wearable eats, and perfection embodied in a macaron.

1.  SON OF A SAILOR makes these very sweet and delicate bracelets that just call out to be layered up your arm. They're available as singles, doubles, or braided. I think these would look amazing paired alongside a watch. They also remind me of a revamped traditional friendship bracelet, leaving that gnarly, knotted task of making those threaded bands to the kids who actually have the patience for it. 

2.  Who doesn't like tight buns? Hair buns that is (I couldn't resist). Sloane Sera, of Bumble and Bumble, shares her dirty secret on how to achieve a well-formed DREAM BUN using a rolled up sock, yes a sock. It's a pretty spectacularly easy process. And looks very adorable. [via OPENING CEREMONY]

3. A deep-sea diver encounters a giant gold fish. I really have nothing more to say about this TEA TOWEL (from On Vacation) because I can't imagine anything more selling than that. Look at this thing! It's like a Godzilla fish about to have this guy for dinner. It belongs in your kitchen. That's all. Oh, and it's organic cotton, if you care about that sort of thing.

4. You now have permission to wear your food. Levi's has teamed up with Alice Waters, chef extraordinaire, to celebrate 40 years of her "delicious revolution" to transform the American food landscape to a more natural, back to fundamentals approach. She paired up with some special friends---from Maira Kalman to Dave Eggers to Sofia Coppola---to create five LIMITED EDITION T-SHIRTS that will support THE EDIBLE SCHOOLYARD PROJECT, a national organization that integrates garden and kitchen education into grade-school curriculum.

5.  Not all macarons are created equal. There are the imitations that fail to capture the right airiness and thin, light crust of the almond meringue cookie shell and often over-think the center leading to a too-sugary ganache. I think about this sort of thing. LADUREE, the French patisserie most famous for their macarons, has finally opened in NYC (at 864 Madison Avenue). These macarons are perfection. Seriously.

Happy Labor Day weekend, readers. Make it sweet.

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