I Take My Coffee Light With A Dash Of Hipster

If you like your coffee French pressed with a side of hipster, the boys & girls at Stumptown over at the ACE HOTEL serve it up that way. Serious coffee. Serious hipsters. Lucky for me, it's only blocks from my office, so I can easily break my drip routine and rebel-out a bit. It's deliciously Euro in there---you can stand at the window by the little ledge and drink your espresso in style, gaze out at the tourists staying at the hotel and pretend you're one of them. But the barista boys are BK hipster all the way with matching Pageboy Caps and varying degrees of facial hair---from staches to beards. Do they coordinate? Do they hire based on willingness to grow the goods? It's kind of creepy but adorable at the same time. I was in there just this week and wanted to snap a photo because it felt like I was watching an animated museum display, a la Natural History. I thought better of it though. But I can leave you with some photos from the 2009 World Beard and Mustache Championships from Anchorage, Alaska, courtesy of photographer DAVID MEAD (go to his "beard" portfolio). Photo credit: copyright David Mead

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